What names are allowed on Link World?

Link World is a link sharing website where everyone uses the name they go by in everyday life. Always knowing who you’re connecting with helps keep you and the rest of our community safe from impersonation, scams and phishing.

Your name can’t include:
* Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation.
* Characters from multiple languages.
* Words or phrases in place of a name.
* Offensive or suggestive words of any kind.
* Titles of any kind (example: professional, religious)

Other things to keep in mind:
* Nicknames can be used as a first or middle name if they’re a variation of your authentic name (like Bob instead of Robert).
* You can also list another name on your account (example: maiden name, nickname, professional name, website or business name).
* Pretending to be anything or anyone isn’t allowed.

Note: If your name follows our standards and you’re still having trouble changing it, find out why.


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