Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, Welcome back to Link World again in Frequently Asked Questions. Here I will give you some questions answers which most of our subscriber frequently asked. I have thought that you also may ask this questions. For this, I have written that questions and answers here for you. I think you should know all about us. and to know just read this questions and answers. If you have more questions, then do not hesitate to ask by using our contact form.


Q: What is Link World?
A: Link World is an open link directory where you can submit your link easily.


Q: What is the main aim of link world? 
A: The main aim of the Link World is to collect new story and spread out all over the world. Because Every day people write new stories, news and so on. But it remains unread most of the people. But we want that all people will read a new story which is recently published.


Q: Why you will submit your link here? 
A: You will submit your link here for  –

  1. Fast index on search engine Google, yahoo, bing.
  2. creating an effective do-follow backlink.
  3. Spread out your stories all over the world.
  4. to get a lot of visitors to your website.
  5. because LinkWorld pings your link automatically.

Payment Related Questions:

Q: How can I make payment for Link World Service?
A: We accept payment from Visa Card, Master Card and PayPal.


Q: Do you have any refund policy?
A: Yes, We have refund policy. If you want to get back your payment, fill up our Refund Form. If you want to know more details, Read our refund policy.


Q: Can I cancel my subscription plan and get back money / my payment? 
A: Yes you can cancel your subscription plan at anytime and get that your money. To know more details about subscription plan cancel and get back money, Read carefully our refund policy


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